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our mission

Primp My Paws dog grooming salon was founded in 2010.

Our mission is to provide quality grooming every time and make the grooming process as stress-free as possible for both you and your pet.

our services

Choose from a range of primp experience options for your pup.

We offer monthly memberships that save you time and money.

Pamper  your pup with some extra special treatment options.

Tracy P., Chester's Mom

I was delighted to find Kim at Primp My Paws.

Kim's calm, steady demeanor and her sense of humor won me over immediately, but more importantly she was able to establish a relationship of trust with Chester. She gives him beautiful cuts, always keeping in mind my specifications.  Primp My Paws's subscription program has made it easy for us to keep him looking his best. I always have confidence when I drop him off that when I come to pick him up he will be happy, gorgeously cut, smelling terrific, and adorned with a
seasonally appropriate bandanna. 
I have recommended Primp My Paws
to friends and relatives...
and they are all delighted too!

Dina S., Monty's Mom

Our two dogs are Wheaten Terriers which means they need haircuts regularly.  One is terribly afraid of getting his haircut!  We have been taking them to Kim at Primp My Paws for more than a year, and while Monty is still afraid, Kim is gentle and reassuring. The other one just loves her! That’s really important for us. Just as important,
the boys come home beautifully groomed with their Wheaten haircuts and smelling fresh and clean (not flowery). Kim protects their sensitive ears and trims between their paws. Wheatens aren’t easy to groom, but Primp My Paws does a great job in a reasonable amount of time,
and has appointments so their aren’t tons of dogs
in the place at one time. That minimizes stress on the dogs. Comparing Kim to other groomers we have used... 
Primp My Paws is the best.

Dani O.

Kim is absolutely wonderful! I am so happy with PMP. Kim is careful with both my little ones. My Yorkie is skittish when it comes to grooming but Kim handles him with great care and attention.
My little girl just got her ears dyed pink for her birthday and Kim went above and beyond to ensure not only a great outcome but her safety.
Kim texted me a picture of the dyes ingredients, and hen sent me a live feed of my pup getting it done to show me the process. I have been using Primp My Paws ... for well over a year and my pups always come back happy and looking their best!

I'm 100% satisfied. 
Her prices are reasonable, and Kim is a caring groomer!


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