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Late/Cancellation Policies

Appointment time reflects the actual time that your pup is expected to arrive.

Please note lateness in excess of 7 minutes will be auto billed $10. Lateness of 15 minutes or more will result in a $20 late fee

 per pet OR rescheduling of the appt.

No Show

It is considered a "no show" when the client is not available at the scheduled appt time and does not contact the groomer to cancel or 

reschedule OR contacts after the scheduled appt time. 

  • We reserve the right to charge the FULL grooming fee due to the loss of revenue caused by a "no show." Please make every effort to contct us.


All cancellations or reschedules must be received 24 hours in advance of your appointment time.

Or be subject to a $20 late cancellation/reschedule fee charged to the card on file. 

New Clients

All new clients are required to email proof of vaccination prior to appointment. A credit card is required to secure appointments.


PLEASE NOTE: FIRST-TIME APPOINTMENTS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE DURING WEEKDAYS. We want to make sure your pup's first grooming with us is the best possible experience. Weekday appointments enable us to be able to provide the time and attention your pup needs to get acquainted with us. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. 

Required Vaccinations

All pups are required to show proof of vaccinations prior to their first appointment for the following:


DHLP&P (within last 12 months)

Bordatella (within last 12 months)

Canine influenza

In the Salon

All pups are required to enter the salon with a working collar/harness and leash. This is for everyone’s safety. 


We are a flea-free salon. However if fleas are found during the course of your pups grooming Service, we are obligated to perform our all natural de-flea bath treatment at an additional fee of $10. Please let us know if you believe your dog has fleas and/or ticks prior to their grooming appointment as we may arrange an end of day appointment to reduce the risk to other pups.


Aggressive dogs – Please let us know if your pup has aggression towards other animals or during the grooming process. For the health and safety of your pet and our employees, PMP reserves the right to stop the grooming process if your pet displays signs of aggression and the time spent working with your pup will be factored into total price of groom. 


Check out – Because we strive to reduce the stress within the salon, you are expected to pick your pup up within 30 minutes after the completion of services. We will send a text ten minutes before your pup is ready to help time management. All pups picked up after the 30 minute will be subject to a fee of $10 per ten minutes.


Mats happen! Mats form when the coat is not properly maintained via brushing and combing on a regular basis. Consistent wearing of a collar and/or harness or clothing can contribute to matting in areas around the neck and front legs. Some mats can be safely removed with brushing and combing and time for removal will be reflected in the total groom service fee.  If the mats cannot be removed due to tightness on the skin (pelts), a shave down haircut will be required to safely and humanely remove the mats.

All grooms are completed with a complimentary  bow or bandanna of the groomers choice. If you do not wish to receive either, please let us know during the initial consultation. 

After the Groom

All new clients will receive a follow up text after their pups' groom to ensure their happiness and yours. If you are not satisfied with your pups' haircut, please let us know within 48 hours and we will do out best to fix it..

Disclosure and Due Diligence

If your pup has been or is experiencing any type of medical or physical ailment please inform us during the initial consultation. If we come across any suspicious physical ailment during the grooming process (skin condition, hair condition, lumps, etc) we will let you know immediately via picture text.

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